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There is so much to do on this Pop Tunes Lil Rocker Guitar. My daughter loves the light effects that display on the guitar every time she plays music. She plays with it so much that she can almost sing along the whole of ABC. Singing along has brought a lot of clarity to her speech. I must say this toy has so many features that it is difficult to get bored of it.

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Animals have never looked cuter! The Growing Baby Animal Activity Puzzle fits perfectly in my toddler’s hands. Every time he plays, I make him say the color and animal names. He learnt the names so quickly after I bought him this attractive set.

He finds the spinning lion mane really fascinating. It makes him wonder whether this really happens for a lion. He makes stories around these animals. This has improved my child’s imaginative skills a great deal.

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Playful Basics Play Cube was a fantastic choice for my 1 year old daughter.She gets quite busy when she plays with this toy.This toy makes her very curious because she can do something different on each side. She especially loves the beads side of the cube.This single toy has a lot to offer - different activity on each side, BRILLIANT IDEA!

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Who doesn’t love music?? My 1 year old son loves his Pop Tunes Boom Box. He gets really happy everytime the song changes at the press of a button. In fact, my little one tries to say the words as the song plays. He has started to learn a bit of ABC already because of the song. This has helped him a lot with his speech.

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Drawing and scribbling is always fun! I bought the Double-sided Doodle Board for my 2 year old daughter and she loves the magnetic side of the board. She finds it so fascinating that she doodles for hours, sometimes. Because of this, her grip on the pen has greatly improved and I have already taught her how to write A, B and C. I must say this is a very useful toy.

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This Tomy Night Night Pooh is an amazing soft toy for my son. He loves the soft feeling of the fur against his skin. He can’t sleep without hugging it tightly at night. He is so used to it now that I have to take his precious NightNight pooh even when we go for short trips.

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We loved the LEGO City 60020 Cargo Truck that comes with 3 minifigures with an accessory: truck driver, forklift driver and a worker. The bricks are colored in green and white. This makes for a fun Lego building set for your child. One can teach children about cleanliness with the help of this LEGO city set.

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